Wyrmstooth Barrow is a location added by Wyrmstooth. It is located in the northeast of the island, the main road leading from the docks where the Dragonborn first disembarks to the main entrance of the barrow. The region is quite snowy, and upon first arriving there, a snowstorm will rage.

Background Edit

It is a large Nordic ruin that can be found by following the road through the steampools leading from the Imperial Mining Settlement. Upon first arriving on Wyrmstooth, Lurius Liore will lead the Dragonborn to the barrow with the other mercenaries. The barrow itself is split into three separate levels: the Temple, Refectory and the Crypt.

Before tackling the dungeon it is highly advised to stock up on equipment first as the barrow leads further down into Dimfrost, a large cavern similar to Blackreach making it far larger than a vanilla dungeon. A chute can be opened in the crypt allowing the Dragonborn to travel to Dimfrost and on to the dragon's den in the Dimfrost Luminatory.

A secondary exit can be found in the crypt by following the passageway up the stairs near the swinging blade trap, and will lead to an entrance along the coast behind the mountain, close to Haetar's Cave.

Alberthor can be found within Wyrmstooth Barrow. The Dragonborn will need to speak to him to open the second closed gate by allowing him to temporarily transfer your mind into a draugr. He will also provide the Dragonborn with two additional side quests.

Deeper in the refectory the Dragonborn will stumble across several fights between the bandits sacking the barrow and the draugr defending it.


Alberthor's QuartersEdit

Wyrmstooth TempleEdit

Wyrmstooth RefectoryEdit



  • Find 3 Refined Brimstone behind master-locked door, next to alchemy lab.
  • Alchemy lab. The spell tomes Night Eye and Fade Other located on the table.
  • Sleeping area. The spell tomes Icy Volley and Ease Burden located on the bookshelf.
  • Temple. The spell tome Conjure Draugr Deathlord located on table.
  • Refectory. The spell tome Ice Volley located on table.