Wrap Me Up
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Speak to Alberthor an ask him whether there's anything you can do for him. He'll inform you that he's running low on wisp wrappings. Bring him 8 wisp wrappings to receive a randomly selected generic enchanted weapon as a reward. Wisps aren't found on Wyrmstooth so you will need to travel to the mainland or buy them from an alchemist in order to obtain them.

Known ProblemsEdit

  • None.

Quest StagesEdit


Stage Journal Entry
10 Alberthor has asked me to fetch for him 8 wisp wrappings. I can find wisp wrappings on wisp mothers or buy them from an alchemist.
20 I have gathered 8 wisp wrappings. I should deliver them to Alberthor.
30 I have delivered the wisp wrappings to Alberthor.

Quest ObjectivesEdit

Index Objective Text
10 Find 8 wisp wrappings.  (<Global=WTWispWrappingsGlobalCount>/8)
20 Deliver the wisp wrappings to Alberthor.