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Andrew "Noves" Miller

Vulthurkrah is a dragon added by the mod Wyrmstooth and the primary antagonist of the main Wyrmstooth questline. He has been interrupting trade routes with the goal of drawing the attention of mercenaries and adventurers to subsequently lure to his den on an island off the north coast of Solitude named Wyrmstooth.

Towards the end of the quest Barrow of the Wyrm, he reveals that his true objective was to lure adventurers to their deaths in Dimfrost in order to build an army of undead warriors to lay siege to Tamriel and restore the age of the dragons. Once Vulthurkrah is defeated by the Dragonborn, the Imperial Mining Settlement will begin to rebuild over time.


  • His health, no matter the player level, is set to 3655.
  • His name means "Dark Overlord Cold".

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