Valerica's Tower is a location in the Castle Volkihar Redux mod. It is the central tower of Castle Volkihar which was left to ruin after Valerica's escape into the Soul Cairn.


Valerica's Tower can be accessed from seven places:


Two unique books can be found in the temple of Molag Bal sitting on a desk: the Book of Molag Bal Worship and The Thirty-Six Lessons of Vivec, Sermon Fourteen.

After finishing the final quest Kindred Judgement, Valerica will now hang out not only in her study, she wil now either be found in her throne in the Vampire Tavern inside Valerica's Tower, or sleeping in her coffin in the torture chamber, or in the Volkihar Library.


The following amenities are available inside Valerica's Tower: