Hello there editor!
I am just a humble editor who edits on a few wiki's here on Wikia. Most of my contributions are centered around coding, templates, infoboxes and policies, though I edit in the mainspace on some wiki's, depending on the topic. If you need my assistance, please use the associated Message Wall or talkpage on the wiki where you see this message. :)

Credit to 452.

Hi there. My name is Sajuuk and I used to be a sysop (also known as an administrator) on the wiki. I may return to edit here in the future, but I hope my work here has helped users, registered or not, alike!

I do come back every so often to make an edit here and there, but I'm not able to dedicate large amounts of time to the wiki. This might change in the future, but if you need me for any assistance relating to stuff on the wiki (policy, templates etc), just post a message to my wall! :D

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