Unwanted Guests
Unwanted Guests
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Unwanted Guests is a quest added by Wyrmstooth.


Once the quest "Wrap Me Up" has been completed for Alberthor, the Dragonborn can again ask him whether there is anything they can do for him. This time he will ask the Dragonborn to deal with a group of Thalmor spies who are giving him a hard time.

Travel to Haetar's Cave within the glaciers on the east coast and kill the Thalmor leader. Return to Alberthor to collect the reward.

Quest StagesEdit


Stage Journal Entry
10 Alberthor has asked me to dispatch the Thalmor spies on the island.
20 I have dealt with the Thalmor spies. I should return to Alberthor.
30 I have dealt with the Thalmor spies for Alberthor.

Quest ObjectivesEdit

Index Objective Text
10 Kill the Thalmor spies.
20 Return to Alberthor.