Tropical Skyrim
Tropical Skyrim
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Tropical Skyrim is a mod made for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This mod adds a variety of new textures and other changes to make the game feel more tropical.



  • Tundra becomes desert with slight vegetation. Risk on sandstorms in these areas.
  • Sands and shady palms in coastal regions
  • Pine forest changed into jungle with palms and more types of foliage
  • Snowy areas changed to grassy environment with aspen trees and grass and moss
  • Aspen forest became a bamboo forest
  • The Reach became a jungle, less dense trees and darker
  • Marsh has muddy water, cat-tails and jungle foliage
  • Glaciers became cliffs
  • Small patches of lava in the volcanic tundra

Weather, lighting and environmentEdit

  • New set of weather and lighting setup for areas


  • Bears replaced by pandas and Therium (Rhino-like creatures)
  • Frostbite spiders replaced by jungle spiders
  • Horkers replaced by seals
  • Wolves replaced by raptors
  • Sabre cat replaced by tigers
  • Trolls replaced by apes
  • Added tropical birds
  • Retextured some other creatures to match the climate


  • Water has been changed
  • Cities and buildings changed to match the surroundings
  • Nordic ruins retextured to ayleid-like ruins
  • Ice caves to stone caves with moss
  • Fur and hide retextured to leopard prints
  • Background to main menu, loading screens