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The Voice in the Head
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The Voice in the Head is a main quest in Carved Brink.


While exploring the Faceted Stones a stranger contacts you and admires your navigation of Snow Elf Beacons. The stranger has offered me to play some kind of game. Before me are two ghosts and two vials of some liquid. The first vial is poisoned, the other contains a cure for the horrible disease. I need to decide what to do with these bottles. The game ended as abruptly as it began. The stranger dissapeared and I have no clue as to who they might be. I should be more cautious, who knows when I will encounter him next.


(Meeting with the Kynreeve, will fail Vital Needs and Such a Beautiful Place if they aren't completed at that point)

  • Talk to the stranger
  • Decide the fate of the ghosts


List of Reward(s)
  • (insert here)

Finding the Throne Room, Alcazar -- Carved Brink ("Navigating the Stones", a Guide by Sinmiaran)

How to get to the Throne Room to find the Kynreeve