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This page is for users to request the action or attention of one of the sysops (otherwise known as administrators) on the wiki. If you require a sysop's assistance, please leave a request under one of the following headings and a sysop will get to it as soon as they are able. You may also contact one of the sysops directly; a list of the wiki's sysops can be viewed here.

Note to sysops: If you have dealt with or intend to deal with an issue, please add {{Done}} to it. Please also archive this page from time to time to ensure the page is kept clean of completed requests.


Please check here to see what section your request fits into:

Protection-related requests[]

Deletion-related requests[]

For non-urgent deletions, please simply add

to the page you wish to be deleted.

Blocking-related requests[]

Please use the [[Special:Contributions/Template:(({1Template:))}|Template:(({1Template:))}]] template and give a reason as to why

Miscellaneous requests[]