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The deletion policy is a set of guidelines that indicates when to mark something for deletion, how to mark something for deletion and what should be done when a page is marked for deletion. Only people with the right flag are able to delete the pages, but anyone is able to mark a page for deletion.

How to mark for deletion

A page can be marked for deletion by simply adding the deletion tag on top of the page.

Deletion with no reason


Deletion with a reason

{{Delete|reason=This article violates the policy on formatting}}

Quick deletion with no reason


Quick deletion with a reason

{{Delete|quick=true|reason=This article has been plagiarised from another website}}

Reasons for deletion

A page can be marked for deletion for several reasons, some of which are listed below. Note that the listed reasons aren't the only reasons: any reason can be valid.

  • The page does not follow the policies on this Wiki
  • The content of the page is not relevant to the Wiki
  • The content of the page is so badly written that it's easier to remove and start over again on the page, rather than rewording.

What to do when marked for deletion

A page that is marked for deletion will not immediately be removed from the wiki. A discussion thread may be opened if you disagree with the reason for deletion. However, a consensus is not necessary for pages like this.

If the deletion reason has been passed, a sysop or bureaucrat is allowed to delete this page.

What to do when disagreeing with deletion

As stated before, when a page is marked for deletion, people who disagree with the deletion tag can open up the talkpage and start a discussion there. It is, however, considered not done to just remove the deletion tag from the page, unless it goes against this policy.

When is a page deleted

A page marked for deletion that has been neglected for seven days, may be deleted. When a discussion is ongoing, or when the reason for deletion is being worked on, the page remains on the wiki, however still marked for deletion until the reason has been made fallible.

Vandalism pages do not fall under this rule. As soon as vandalism is noticed, it will either be reverted or the page will be deleted immediately.