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This is the infobox for use on Skyrim dragon shout pages.


|image    = 
|word1    = 
|word-t1  = 
|word2    = 
|word-t2  = 
|word3    = 
|word-t3  = 
|desc     = 
|mod      = 
|recharge = 
|location = 


  • This infobox contains an automatic lead that is added after the infobox code. Manual leads are not required to be added on articles where this is used.
  • word1 to word3 — including word-t1 to word-t3 are required for displaying the dragon language letters used in Skyrim.
  • desc is a required parameter.
  • location can simply be written as a comma delimited list to generate the locations in a proper link format.
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