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Technical Information
Voice Actors
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This is the infobox for use on character pages.


|top       = 
|image     = 
|mod       = 
|race      = 
|gender    = 
|class     = 
|services  = 
|skills    = 
|health    = 
|stamina   = 
|magicka   = 
|armor     = 
|soul      = 
|essential = 
|faction   = 
|rank      = 
|level     = 
|base      = 
|ref       = 
|form      = 
|va        = 


  • essential only requires "true" as a value. If not included or empty, it will automatically display as "No" on the article.
  • Both base, ref and form only need the value given after the first two numbers, as the infobox automatically includes "xx" to include mod load order.
  • If there are multiple form id's for a character, separate each id with a ,: the infobox will automatically format each id with "xx" in front of each.
    • This format holds true for the list of voice actors given via the va parameter.
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