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Fair use rationale
Description {{{Description}}}
Source {{{{{Source}}}}}
Modification depicted {{{Modification}}}
Portion of copyrighted work used Single screenshot from the Elder Scrolls series
Purpose of Image Illustration of the said description.
Replaceable? Only by a similar screenshot with the same license status.

{{File Information}} is a general copyright tagging template that includes the fair use rationale for use with the customised uploader script


{{File Information
|Description       = 
|Source            = 
|Modification      = 
|Purpose           = 
|Replaceability    = 
|Resolution        = 
|Other Information = 


  • The template has been specifically designed for use with the upload page.
  • Most parameters are optional: the Description, Source and Modification are required however.
  • Resolution can either accept a written value or shorthand values of 720p or 1080p. If you use the shorthand values, the templates {{720p upload}} or {{1080p upload}} will be added respectively.