Stickler in the Mud
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Stickler in the Mud is a quest added by Wyrmstooth.


This quest is currently disabled as the location involved doesn't yet exist. Speak to Elmera once the dragon has been killed and ask whether there's anything you can do for her. She'll ask you to pick 30 spiddal sticks from the Deadlands and return them to her.

Use Alberthor's portal in Dimfrost to travel between the Deadlands and back. Once you have 30 spiddal sticks, return to Elmera for your reward.

Quest StagesEdit


Stage Journal Entry
10 Elmera has asked me to find 30 spiddal sticks. They're apparently common in the Deadlands, a realm of Oblivion.
20 I have obtained 30 spiddal sticks. I should bring them to Elmera when I have the chance.
30 I have given the spiddal sticks to Elmera.

Quest ObjectivesEdit

Index Objective Text