Someone with Backbone
Tomb of Vulom Inner
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Someone with Backbone is a quest added by Wyrmstooth.


  1. Follow the disembodied voice
  2. Find Vulom's bones
  3. Return the bones to Vulom
  4. Destroy the lich Vulom


To begin this quest, find the Tomb of Vulom located to the west of Chillwater Mill, south of the Imperial Mining Settlement. As you delver deeper into the cave you will hear a disembodied voice inviting you in. On the sarcophagus in the center of the cave you will find the skull of Vulom. He will ask the Dragonborn to find the rest of his bones so that he may rest in peace.

You can find Vulom's Ribcage in Wyrmstooth Barrow Crypt past the room with the shaft to Dimfrost. There is also a word wall here that teaches you a word of the new Phantom Form shout.

His legs can be found in Haetar's Cave, a cave along the east coast of the island amongst the glaciers. Another word of the Phantom Form shout can be learned here.

Lastly his arms can be found in the Muster of Fort Valus. Upon entering, head to the room on the right and down the stairs, a pull chain will open a secret entrance to a small lair of witches. The final word of the Phantom Form shout can be learned here.

Return the bones to Vulom. Upon speaking with him, he will reveal himself to be a lich and will turn on you. Defeat him and claim the staff that appears above his sarcophagus. The staff can be used to summon the shade of Vulom but rapidly loses its charge with each summoning.

Before facing Vulom, it is advised that you stock up on elemental resistance elixirs. Vulom will cast master-level destruction spells without the charge-up time which will cause massive damage to even high-level players. He is also capable of casting multiple buff and cloak spells simultaneously. It is advised that you shield-bash him into a corner with Spellbreaker to prevent him from casting spells and/or use the Phantom Form shout you just learned to distract him while attacking from a distance. He will also likely raise the corpse of a high level draugr overlord nearby upon awakening.




Stage Journal Entry
10 A disembodied voice spoke to me as I entered a cave. I should follow it and see where it leads me.
15 I have told Vulom that I am not interested in finding his bones. Should I change my mind I should speak to his skull in his tomb.
20 The disembodied voice identified itself as the spirit of Vulom and has asked me to find his bones so that he may rest. I should search inside the nordic ruins across Wyrmstooth.
30 I have found the missing bones of Vulom's skeleton. I should return them to his tomb so that he may rest.
40 Vulom revealed himself as an ancient lich. I should destroy him before he has the chance to wreak havok across Tamriel.
50 Vulom revealed himself as an ancient lich and I was forced to destroy him.
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