Robbed Blind
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Robbed Blind is a quest added by the mod Wyrmstooth.


Speak to Daenlit once the dragon has been killed and ask whether there's anything you can do for her. She'll ask you to acquire a necklace currently in the hands of Erikur, a merchant who lives in Solitude.

Travel to Solitude and pickpocket the necklace off Erikur. Note: The necklace is high value so you'll need a high pickpocket skill to obtain it. Alternatively you can buff your pickpocket skill with an enchanted item.

Return the necklace to Daenlit to collect your reward.

Quest StagesEdit


Stage Journal Entry
10 Daenlit has asked me to find an enchanted necklace currently in the possession of Erikur, a merchant living in Solitude.
20 I have stolen the necklace for Daenlit. I should bring it to her when I have the chance.
30 I have given the stolen necklace to Daenlit.

Quest ObjectivesEdit

Index Objective Text
10 Steal the necklace.
20 Return to Daenlit.