Retrieving Embersunder
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Quest Information
Vulthurkrah has been killed
Given by
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Retrieving Embersunder is a quest added by the mod Wyrmstooth.


Speak to Athir once the Vulthurkrah has been killed and ask whether there's anything you can do for him. He'll tell you about a sword he's been hunting for that has apparently fallen into the hands of the forsworn. He'll suggest you search Hag's End south-west of Solitude as it's the one forsworn camp he hasn't had the time to search.

Travel to Hag's End, through the Nordic ruins, past the word wall and out to the balcony overlooking the forsworn camp. The sword will be resting on the ground near the boss' treasure chest. Return it to Athir for your reward.


Stage Journal Entry
10 Athir has asked me to find a sword called Embersunder. I should search the forsworn camp at Hag's End as Athir suggested.
20 I have found the sword Embersunder for Athir. I should bring it to him when I get the chance.
30 I have given the sword Embersunder to Athir.


Index Objective Text
10 Retrieve Embersunder.
20 Return to Athir.