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This article is on a mod by hothtrooper44. For other uses, see Redguard Knight Armor.
Redguard Knight Armor
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Redguard Knight Armor is an armor mod made for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It adds a complete armor set - Redguard Knight Armor. It can also be downloaded in the armor pack Immersive Armors, by the same author.


Redguard Knight Armor is supposed to represent traditional armor worn by the Redguards from Hammerfell. It has a somewhat middle eastern design, with some aspects of the classic knight. The sword that is also of Redguard decent the Scimitar can also be crafted at a smithing forge with the mod.

The light armor can be crafted if the elven smithing perk has been acquired. The heavy variant requires the dwarven smithing perk.

The armor is said by the author to be nearly as strong as Dragonbone Armor.