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Red Ruby Cave is a location in the new lands mod Beyond Skyrim - Bruma.

Red Ruby Cave is a large Cave System north of  Whitewod Creek and east of Anga. It is inhabited by Bears, Rats, Vampires and Vampire Thralls. 

The cave system consists of two areas, Red Ruby Cave main area, and Red Ruby Hollows. At the first intersection going straight will lead the player to an overlook with a pull chain for the drawbridge. Past the drawbridge in the large chamber are two Ebony ore veins. This area is guarded by a number of various Bears, there is a leveled chest to the north. To the left of the chest near the entrance to the chamber is the corridor leading further into the cave towards a small camping area, Jurnal of the Adventurer named Aretino can be found here. 

Past the camping area and through the barred door the player will encounter some Rats. This path ends on the small overlook above the great chamber, to the left is another Bear and a secret door opened with a pull chain to the right of the torch. (Most players will miss the massive ruby hanging above the secret door, which is spoken about in Arentino's Journal) Past the secret door the player will encounter some Vampires and Vampire thralls, further down is a way to Red Ruby hollows.

Continuing along there will be some Rats and a wooden bridge, there are some Skeletons in the water below but nothing of note. Ahead past the bridge are some more Vampires and Thralls. Ahead and to the right is a large dining chamber. The player should take care as there are many high-level Vampires and Thralls here. Once cleared player can loot the place, there are many precious gems and gold and silver in this chamber and surrounding rooms. There is an Arcane Enchanter to the right. One of the adjacent rooms holds a boss chest and a shortcut towards the exit.