Reclaiming the Past
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Quest Information
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Reclaiming the Past is a quest added by Wyrmstooth.


The quest starts when you walk in to the Muster at Fort Valus. Speak to Lurius about the fort and he will give you the option of purchasing the deed to the property. Once you buy the deed from him, you will be able to turn it into a player home and purchase the following upgrades. Most upgrades come with an extra staff member(s).

  • Garden, including a gardener.
  • Prison, including a jailer.
  • Barracks, including guards.
  • Bedrooms, including a cleaner.
  • Armory, including a smith.
  • Kitchen, including a chef.
  • Main hall, including a bard.
  • Cleanup (removes cobwebs).
  • Common House.

The quest finishes when you have purchased at least one upgrade.

Quest StagesEdit

Stage Journal Entry
10 I have found an old abandoned fort on Wyrmstooth. I should speak to Lurius Liore about the fate of Fort Valus.
20 I have bought the deed to Fort Valus from Lurius Liore. I should speak with him again should I desire to upgrade the fort or hire a crew.

Quest ObjectivesEdit

Index Objective Text
10 Ask Lurius Liore about Fort Valus.
20 Speak to Lurius Liore about upgrading Fort Valus.