North Tower Vault is a location added by Castle Volkihar Redux.


The vault can be find at the northwest part of the castle. It is accessible from three different entry points: the Volkihar Courtyard, the Master Throne Wing and the Teleport Tower West. Inside, the vault can be found on the upper floor behind a double door. There is another gate that can be opened with a Dwemer mechanic on the wall.


The tower provides a large wing that is solely designed for storage, display and relaxation. In another wing of the castle, the Daedric South Tower, there is plenty of room meant for storage of the various unique Daedric and Aedric Artifacts in the Daedric South Tower.

This particular wing of the castle is filled with amenities, such as the bathing pool, the treasure vault, display for dragon priest masks and dragon claw displays, a teleporter, storage room, a blood bath and more.

Most possessions can be stored in this area of the castle. It is heavily guarded and contains many different containes, some named, for various items in the game. There are extensive decorations, huge piles of gold and paintings on the walls. Aside that, there is also a seating area and strongboxes for jewelry items. On top of that there are also several weapon display features and four large treasure chests with a mannequin next to each of these chests.




  • The weapon racks may display some weapons inverted.
  • The vertical wooden weapon rack may not accept weapons in two slots on the back side.