Magicka Sabers
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Magicka Sabers is a Weapon Mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It can be found on the Skyrim Nexus.


A new weapon has been created, the lightsaber from the popular game, movie and book series Star Wars. The Dragonborn can dual wield these sabers and they can be created at a Blacksmith Forge anywhere in Skyrim. They can come in most colors, including red, pink, orange, purple, green, blue and more. When sheathing or unsheathing these weapons, they make the infamous lightsaber sound from the movies. They seem to be sticks of light, and the handles of them being candlesticks. The weapons act as normal swords when fighting enemies.

The sabers look a bit odd when sheathed, as the stick of light still sticks out even when on the player's left hip or back. However, this problem has been addressed fixed in this mod version 0.3, as the original series, the stick of light disintegrated into the handle when sheathed.

The weapons can either be One-Handed or Two-Handed, they cost 2500 gold for Two-Handed and 2000 gold for One-Handed, weigh 23 pounds, and have a damage of 27. The description of each saber is simply "Magicka Saber Enchantment", and to smith them, one would need one Ingot (Ebony), a pair of leather strips, firewood, and a Greater Soul Gem.