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"An expansion-sized mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with a whole new storyline and region for you to explore. 15+ hours of new content, featuring non-linear quests, new weapons/armor and more. Your actions will determine the fate of Druadach Valley. For better... or for much worse."
―Official Description

Lordbound (also called The Elder Scrolls V: Lordbound) is an upcoming DLC-sized mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition that takes place in the Druadach Valley between Skyrim and High Rock. It features three storylines regarding the natives of the valley, the invading Imperial legion, and the Orcs of the mountains. The mod is still undergoing development, and currently doesn't have a set release date.


The drums of war are beating inside the Druadach Valley. After two hundred years of isolation the valley has restored its severed connections to the provinces of Skyrim and High Rock, exposing its withered remains to the rest of Tamriel. Chief Gorek of Garshakur refuses to surrender his mountain fortress to the Imperial Legion, denying them control of the highly-valued trade route between the cities of Jehanna and Solitude. The Legion now wages war against this Orcish faction, in hopes of reclaiming what is theirs, through conquest.

As the Legion makes its push towards the fortress of Garshakur with the assistance of the Thalmor, a young lord named Haelan grieves the recent loss of his father and his home. The Druadach people are displeased with Haelan's inaction as they continue to suffer from the conflict. The fields of war lie dormant as the factions prepare themselves for what is to come. Whatever the choices are made in the end, the fate of the valley will ultimately be determined by outsiders; for better... or for much worse.


Lordbound landscape

  • A dense new region roughly 3 km² in size, filled with quests, dungeons, events and activities, for you to enjoy
  • About 60 hours worth of new content for low and high level players.
  • Three non-linear faction storylines, providing the player with choices and consequences that resonate between the three storylines and alter the state of the valley as you progress.
    • Join Lord Haelan on his quest to uncover the truth behind his family’s past.
    • Assist the Imperial Legion in reclaiming the trade route to Jehanna.
    • Support the Orcs of Garshakur, as they defend their new home against the Legion.
  • Loot that you’ll want to carry over to your future adventures. New weapons, armor, spells, and consumables.
  • Fully-voiced NPCs.
  • An original soundtrack.


List of Characters
  • Artam
  • Arhkath
  • Legate Aventus
  • Beric Stonebark
  • Borgog
  • Brandulf
  • Mayor Bruneau Morderick
  • Bugak gro-Ghash
  • Claims-Many-Bounties
  • Cosni
  • Cydiel
  • Derk
  • Dron
  • Captain Falx
  • Fardris
  • Fiiriel
  • Fulaz-Ahl
  • Garom
  • Garza
  • Gertrude
  • Gilnaeda
  • Chief Gorek
  • Lord Haelan
  • Lieutenant Ingritte
  • Jazir
  • Jorah
  • Lanelle
  • Lanrick
  • Quartermaster Levys
  • Lewin
  • Malok
  • Mogus
  • Morderick
  • Morvin
  • M'zaad
  • Nuraak
  • Rarauch
  • Roggvar
  • Thorfidr Hranason
  • Tolynar


List of Locations in the Druadach Valley
  • Garshakur, an Orcish stronghold.
  • Angavaar, a Nordic ruin.
  • Gardale, a city.
  • Mauloch's Stand, an Orcish fortification.
  • Motte Malgorath, a large Orcish fort in the southern swamps.
  • Highreach, Lord Haelan's settlement.
  • Empyrean Vault.
  • Rkumzrahrk, a Dwemer facility hiding in a poisoned glade.
  • Cragmere Keep.
  • An Imperial camp.
  • Dwemer ruins.
  • Nordic ruins.
  • An Orc Farm.
  • A small town at the foot of Cragmere Keep.



Lordbound - Teaser Trailer 2

Development on Lordbound first began in the summer of 2014.[1] It originally started as a specialization mod to re-design Mor Khazgur, due to Orcish strongholds in Skyrim being considerably similar and lacking in content. A new questline was being designed to accompany it, with many buildings and characters added to the settlement. The initial re-design to Mor Khazgur took two months to create, transforming it into an Imperial fort-turned stronghold.[2][3] It later went on to become the location of Garshakur, an Orcish settlement in the Druadach Valley, and development of Lordbound as a large mod in a completely new area began.[4]

Development briefly halted in winter 2014, though resumed in April 2015.[1] The mod was publicly announced on September 2015. The release date was initially planned to be in summer 2016,[5] though was later delayed to Winter 2016,[4] and again pushed back, to the later half (Q3 or Q4) of 2017.[1] Presently, the mod is expected to be released some time between in 2021 and 2030.


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