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Kvatch Rebuilt
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"I didn't expect any of us to live this long. Maybe we're not doomed, after all."
―Berich Inian[src]

Kvatch Rebuilt is one of the major rebuilding mods available for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. After the sacking of the city Kvatch, the people never attempt to return to the city and rebuild their homes.


Kvatch Rebuilt: A Hope Renews lets you rebuild Kvatch through a series of short quests. The city will not be magically rebuilt the moment you load the game, but will instead take several weeks of waiting and helping before it is fully rebuilt. Become the new count(ess) or help the rightful heir find his way back to Kvatch to rule its citizens. Get your own statue in the city, and fight in the arena to become the new champion!

Uncover the evil secrets of old Kvatch, and be the first to ever enter the ruins of the Ayleid City underneath. A dungeon filled with both enemies and puzzles, it will take you through the entire city, and beyond!


  • Fully voiced NPCs
  • New quests
  • Kvatch restored to its former glory
  • Become count or countess, or place the rightful heir on the throne
  • Functional arena, of which the Hero of Kvatch can become the new champion
  • New dungeons of old Kvatch and Ayleid ruins that can be explored
  • New companion with a backstory