Krakevisa is a location added by Wyrmstooth. It is a building in the northern region of Wyrmstooth. It is located west of the Stormcloak Camp and north of The Wreck of Salty Knave.


  • Ice Mages
  • Fire Mages
  • Storm Mages
  • Cryomancers
  • Pyromancers
  • Necromancers
  • Frost Atronach
  • Storm Atronach




  • A fossilized giant mudcrab is located very close to the entrance.
  • There is a random chance that a Totem of Hircine may be placed in this dungeon during the Companion's side quest Totems Of Hircine.
  • The Severed Leg is likely a reference to the Severed Nord Leg, a unique weapon used by The Udyrfrykte in Bloodmoon.


  • Exterior. Cure Poison spell tome on an altar.
  • Forge. Ease Burden spell tome on a shelf.
  • Enchanter. Night-Eye spell tome on the enchanter.
  • Various spell tomes can be found on the shelves.
  • Bedroom. Transmogrify spell tome on the table.
  • Bedroom. Fade Other and Conjure Skeleton on nightstand and desk.
  • An alchemy lab and cooking spit.
  • A secret prison within Krakevisa. Secondary arcane enchanter.
  • Worshipers offer a sacrifice.
  • Severed Leg, a note, and the Krakevisa key.
  • Locked room. Contains the spell tomes Call of the Wild and Call of the Dead on the desk.
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