Imperial Mining Settlement is a mining settlement on Wyrmstooth established by the Empire to mine the ore in the mountains. Given the relative scarcity of Ebony on the island, mining operations at Wyrmstooth are often overlooked by the Empire. Regardless, the mines provide them with a steady supply of corrundum.

Mining operations at Wyrmstooth are managed by Lurius Liore, whom the Empire temporarily reassigns to Skyrim to negotiate with the Jarls concerning action against a particularly bothersome dragon. Upon arriving at Wyrmstooth, the town will be in flames. Most citizens that had survived will remain indoors until Vulthurkrah is defeated. Once defeated, the town will begin the rebuild process. After two days the rubble is cleared, after four days the inn is rebuilt, and after six days the other farm houses are restored.

A Khajiit caravan has taken up semi-permanent residency at the mining settlement. If supplies are needed before heading into the barrow, speak to Ja'Shavi-Dar. He will still trade, despite having been injured during the dragon attack. Also purchasable from him are the new Placeable Bear Traps; bear traps that can be added into the Dragonborn's inventory and repositioned almost anywhere.

Orcs have also built a stronghold in town and offer additional protection and more workers for the mines, following a somewhat tenuous agreement between their chieftain and Lurius Liore.

There are Thieves Guild shadowmarks on many of the buildings.

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