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Hunterborn is a Mod in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Hunterborn was created by dragonsong to increase realism in hunting for Skyrim, allowing the Dragonborn to hunt more animals and harvest different parts of an animal's body. For example, an animal's skin can be harvested and turned into leather or leather strips. Unique items such as a amulets and unique knives and arrows can be crafted by using the Scrimshaw power.


  • Enhanced ability to hunt in Skyrim
  • Ability to scavenge meat, pelts and other body parts from dead animals
  • Able to adjust settings using the Mod Manager
  • Able to craft unique items using the Scrimshaw power
  • Craft hunting knifes at forges or anvils that increase hunting abilities
  • Level up hunting skills to lower the chance of ruining a pelt or meat
  • 45 new materials
  • Adds many new cooking recipes

Description Edit

When an animal is killed, the PC is not simply shown the loot screen when the corpse is activated. Instead, the player is presented with a window which gives three options. These are Pick Up, Field Dress and Manual loot. Manual Loot serves as a regular loot from vanilla Skyrim, However, 'Pick Up' and 'Field Dress' are both added by the Mod.

The 'Pick Up' option is quite simple, it will add the carcass to the inventory of the player. The weight of the carcasses varys greatly depending on what animal's carcass it is. For example, a Skeever caracass will only weigh 7 units, whereas an Elk Carcass will weigh 200 units of weight. The reason to pick up a carcass is that the option 'Field Dress' takes up in-game time to perform, so you may want to move to a safer location to begin work on the carcass.



This mod is compatible with the following mods and add-ons: