Herman's Holdout is a location added by Wyrmstooth. It is an ancient Nordic tomb located northeast of Krakevisa and directly north of the Stormcloak Camp.


It is notoriously dark and there are many traps inside the tomb, nevertheless, it seems to be a hot spot for adventurers and many of them can be encountered inside. The adventurers will mind their own business and will generally ignore the Dragonborn and will only help if the Dragonborn is being attacked by draugr or ghosts.

Strange Mannequin Edit

The Dragonborn will be constantly followed by a Strange Mannequin throughout all of Herman's Holdout.

Its appearance is that of a normal mannequin wearing Nord armor and a black bag over its head, similar to those used by the Dark Brotherhood in the base game.

It cannot attack, be attacked, or be interacted with in any way. It will only move if it is not being looked at by the Player, and will always move closer to, and behind, the player

The only mention to it in the Holdout is a scrawled note on the table in the main room, warning of an entity following its murdered writer. It is also probably what is being mentioned as "something kinda creepy" in the 1.16 Update Changelog.


  • Draugr
  • Ghosts
  • Skeevers
  • Strange Mannequin


  • Spell Tome: Upon entering, Candlelight and Night-Eye can be found on a bookshelf. Another two instances can be found on a table further into the tomb.


  • There is a tunnel inside the tomb that leads to Dwemer ruins. The Dwemer ruins have almost completely collapsed and only a small room is accessible.
  • The Strange Mannequin that follows the player throughout the holdout is possibly a reference to the Weeping Angels from the BBC Sci-Fi show Doctor Who, due to it only moving when unobserved