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Helgen Reborn
Mod Information
Mike Hancho
105.3 (LE)
V106.SSE (SE)
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"From the author of Fallout: New Vegas' "New Bison Steve Hotel" and "Afterschool Special" mods, comes my most ambitious adventure yet! Simply put, Helgen Reborn is THE definitive quest mod for rebuilding Helgen! Learn the legend of The Keepers of Hattu as you reunite two old soldiers and are thrust into a decades old feud with a ruthless and powerful Justiciar from the Aldmeri Dominion. Recruit and train your own town guard or ask for protection from the Empire or Stormcloaks. From uncovering an underground slavery ring, to fighting for your life in exciting battles in a secret new arena, many other adventures await as the workers rebuild the town step by step! You'll be rewarded with your own private tower in Helgen which includes the most interactive and dynamic display museum in Skyrim!"
―Official description

Helgen Reborn is a mod made for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. It gives the Dragonborn a chance to rebuild Helgen and foil a Thalmor plot. Much like Kvatch Rebuilt, it adds a new questline that can be walked through while Helgen is being rebuilt.


  • A new questline that revolves around rebuilding Helgen and recruiting guards for it.
  • A new quest to move Haming and Froki into Helgen.
  • A new home for the Dragonborn with trophy room.
  • Three new sets of armor.
  • New characters, followers of different races and personalities and a potential spouse.
  • New locations, including additional cells in three different locations, two medium size locations and one large dungeon.
  • Choose if Helgen will be independent or if it'll belong to the Imperial Legion or the Stormcloaks


List of Characters


List of Quests
Main quests Side quests


List of Locations
  • Thalmor Prison
  • Helgen (Helgen Reborn)
    • Helgen Keep
    • Private Tower
  • Pinewatch Mine
  • Upper Embershard Mine
  • Upper Pinewatch Mine
  • Staadomaar Temple
    • Staadomaar Ruins
  • Brittleshin Cavern
  • Skybound Crypt
  • Reinhardt's House
  • Fight Cave
  • Tall Mast Tavern
  • Orphans Tear Mine

Armor and Weapons[]

List of Armor and Weapons
Armor Weapons
  • Imperial Officer Armor
  • Helgen Guard's Armor
  • Helgen Guard's Shield
  • Hattu Armor
  • Dragon's Fang
  • Pickaxe of the Impatient

Items, Books, Songs and Magic[]

List of Items, Books, Songs and Magic
Items Books Songs and Magic