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Heavy Armor is a mod made for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The mod was created by Privateeye, and is a lore-friendly mod that adds new weapons to Skyrim. It can be found on the Steam Workshop and the Skyrim Nexus. Bound Armory adds bound weapons based on the addition weapon types.


This mod adds many new weapons to Skyrim, includes them to random loot lists, and even makes them craftable and upgradable. They are additions for each category, and will appear in the smithing menu under the category they supplement. There is a Dawnguard version that adds to the Dragon category of equipment, as well as a Dragonborn version that adds Nordic and Stalhrim weapons (Note: the Dragonborn version is standalone, and you have to either download the Main version with or without Dragonborn).


New types of weaponsEdit

This mod adds the following weapons to the game:

  • Clubs: weak one handed weapons, act as maces
  • Halberds: faster, longer, weaker battle axes
  • Hatchets: faster, shorter, weaker war axes
  • Mauls: heavier, stronger, slower maces
  • Spears: long, fast two handers, though have lowest damage
  • Glaives: slower, higher damage spears
  • Shortspears: one handed spears, lower than sword but longest range of all one handed weapons
  • Quarterstaves: two-handed weapons with high attack speed and low power
  • Shortswords: faster, shorter, weaker swords

List of weapons addedEdit

List of weapons added
Iron Weapons Steel Weapons Skyforge Steel weapons
Imperial weapons Silver weapons Orcish weapons
Dwarven weapons Elven weapons Glass weapons
Ebony weapons Daedric weapons Forsworn weapons
Falmer weapons Draugr/Nordic Hero weapons Dawnguard weapons
Added by the Dawnguard edition
Dragonbone weapons Nordic weapons Stalhrim weapons
Added by the Dawnguard edition Added by the Dragonborn edition Added by the Dragonborn edition


  • Compatible with most mods
  • Incompatible with mods that change the same leveled loot lists as this mod


  • This mod has been translated into different languages, like Mandarin, Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish and Russian.