Gargoyle King's Lair is a dungeon added by Castle Volkihar Redux. This dungeon is the quarters for the gargoyle army and its leaders. The Stone Guardians, and finally The Gargoyle King himself, can be found inside.


The Gargoyle King's Lair is the home of the king of Gargoyles. He swore allegiance to Harkon, but now that Harkon is dead, the new owner of the castle has to claim dominance over the gargoyles to gain their loyalty. This is done through the quest It's Good to be King.

A magic broom appears after completing It's Good to be King. When used, the broom cleans this level of all debris. It can be found in the only closet that has a door. In the past, this room may have been a kitchen. This kitchen has a fireplace.


Access to this dungeon is gained through the Gargoyle Lair Entrance. This entrance is accessed by taking a small boat from the Volkihar Docks. Once It's Good to be King has been completed, a secret moving wall door gives access through the Volkihar Undercroft to the Gargoyle King's Lair.



Ancient chests of Molag Bal

Two ancient chests of Molag Bal, containing five leveled items. Usually black soul gems, gold, Gargoyle Subduer right hand only (an ethereal sword forged in Coldharbour created for the sole purpose of defeating the Gargoyle King) and the Gargoyle King's Offhand left hand only.


CVR Stone Gargoyle Boss

Stone Gargoyle Boss

This dungeon has three types of enemies (leveled difficulty set to hardest):