Fort Valus is a location added by Wyrmstooth. It is an imperial fort built shortly after the first imperial settlers arrived on the island. The fort is split into three sections: the Muster containing the main facilities, the common house where the workers sleep and guard barracks with a prison.

Upon entering the Muster, the quest Reclaiming the Past will begin whereby you are given the opportunity to buy the deed to Fort Valus from Lurius Liore.

The deed to Fort Valus can be bought for 30,000 gold. Once you have purchased the deed, multiple upgrades become available. Most upgrades not only improve the quality of the facilities and the furniture but also staff the fort with new servants.

  • Plant a garden and hire a gardener.
  • Upgrade the prison and hire a jailer.
  • Upgrade the barracks and hire some guards.
  • Upgrade the bedrooms and hire a cleaner.
  • Upgrade the armory and hire a smith.
  • Upgrade the kitchen and hire a chef.
  • Upgrade the common house.

Another upgrade is available to clean the cobwebs from all interiors.

The arms of Vulom can be found in a secret passageway leading from the smithy in the Muster to a small nordic room along with one of the words of the Phantom Form shout.

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