Fire and Ice Overhaul
Dragon vs Riften
Mod Information

Fire and Ice Overhaul is a mod made for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It makes fire and ice spells have a more realistic effect, with fire being able to spread and frost able to put out fires by using the frostbite spell on fires for a few seconds. Ice spells can also create icicles, which can be used to make paths across rivers, or even build igloos.

Apollodown, the author of FaIO, has made a bundle mod called Epic Gameplay Overhaul, which unites five of his overhaul mods. Fire and Ice Overhaul is one of these mods.

The mod is currently hidden, along with the rest of Appolodown's mod as he'd gotten triggered over the US election and hid them until the results came in. Given that Donald Trump had won, the mod remains down because the soyboy of a developer can't tolerate that other people had a different opinion. It is unknown at this time if the mod will return to the Nexus page. 


  • More realistic fire and ice effects
  • Ability to use ice for more than attack/defense
  • Ability to burn entire towns for effect
  • Dragon attacks become more dramatic