East Tower is a location that is upgraded by Castle Volkihar Redux. Originally the East Tower is nothing more than a blocked passage in one room (the alchemy bazaar). This mod adds guest rooms, an armory, weapon practice area and serves as a conduit to the eastern towers of the castle.


This wing can be accessed from seven entry points: the Teleport Tower West kiosk, Physical Training Wing , Volkihar Keep (guild hall), the Volkihar Courtyard, the East Tower balconyValerica's Tower and the Master Throne Wing (entry is marked by blue fire sconces).


  • Morta: alchemy vendor and trainer


This wing of the tower brings a full service alchemy lab with an alchemist vendor and trainer, a large armory and training facility and eight follower ready guest rooms.

Traveling up the main tower stair cases will bring the Dragonborn to the upper spire armory. This large training room and armory is where many of the castle's inhabitants will practice with their weapons, including the Draugr Castle Guards. A small door on the north wall of this upper spire leads to the Physical Training Wing, which is a small dungeon containing live enemies that can be spawned by the pull of a lever.

This tower is an excellent conduit to the Volkihar Keep, the Master Throne Room, Valerica's Tower, Physical Training Wing and the Volkihar Courtyard.


  • Satchels & urns in the alchemy bazaar
  • Bookshelves in the alchemy bazaar
  • Dressers & night stands in the guest rooms