Dragon Hunt
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Quest Information
Reach Level 10
Complete The Way of the Voice
Given by
Theodyn Bienne
Quest ID
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Dragon Hunt is a quest added by Wyrmstooth. It serves as the introductory quest to the mod

Objectives Edit

  1. Speak to Lurius Liore at The Bannered Mare in Whiterun
  2. Find and defeat the dragon
  3. Return to Lurius Liore

Walkthrough Edit

Starting the Quest Edit

Once Wyrmstooth is installed, two NPCs will be placed in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun; Theodyn Bienne and Lurius Liore. Once the requirements have been met, Theodyn will track the Dragonborn down: he starts in the Bannered Mare and will deliver a message to the Dragonborn suggesting that they meet with Lurius as soon as possible. Until he delivers his message, he will follow all paths possible to reach the Dragonborn, regardless of whether the Dragonborn is in a dungeon or in a completely different worldspace such as Solstheim. If Theodyn cannot be found, fast travel to a major city and wait for 24 hours.

Speaking to Lurius Liore in the Bannered Mare, he will inform the Dragonborn that a particular dragon is currently causing problems for trade routes across Skyrim and that the jarls have put together a collective bounty on it. As the dragon has so far proven very elusive, he suggests that the Dragonborn tries to eliminate the dragon and marks the location on the map.

Attacking the Dragon Edit

Vulthurkrah will speak to the Dragonborn when he draws near, saying he has been waiting for a strong enough champion to take him on in his lair at Wyrmstooth, issuing the Dragonborn with a challenge. Before the Dragonborn can attempt to attack, Vulthurkrah will leave: this updates the quest, directing the Dragonborn to return to Lurius.

Speak with Lurius, who will Speaking to Lurius he will tell you that he manages the ore shipments at the imperial mining settlement on Wyrmstooth and will have a ship ready as soon as possible.

Lurius and the mercenaries depart for Solitude.

Trivia Edit

  • As of 1.8, the Dragonborn does not need to recruit any of the mercenaries and can simply skip to finding the dragon.
  • As of 1.14, the Dragonborn can no longer recruit the mercenaries and they will be met on the road to Falkreath before travelling to Ancient's Ascent.
    • For those who have not yet upgraded to 1.14, click here to see instructions on recruiting the mercenaries.

Bugs Edit

  • Shargam may refuse to speak to the Dragonborn.
    • Solution: Become Blood-Kin to the Orcs and he should speak.
  • If a bard is playing a song, Lurius and the Mercenaries will likely linger.
    • Solution: Telling the bard to stop playing, or waiting until he stops playing naturally, will make them move to Solitude.
  • Daenlit may get beaten up by the guards after escaping her cell in Castle Dour.
  • Vulthurkrah may rarely skip his dialogue and simply fly away.
    • Cause: This is caused when there is a levelled enemy nearby that is attacked during Vulthurkrah's speech.
    • Solution: Clear Ancient's Ascent before starting the quest, or simply ignore the levelled enemy.