Dragon Combat Overhaul
Dragon Combat Overhaul
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Dragon Combat Overhaul is a mod in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which adds several new features that makes dragon combat more interesting and intense. The mod is fully compatible with other dragon-related mods. It is also added in the set mods Epic Gameplay Overhaul. The developer, however, has removed it along with all of their other mods from the nexus due to personal political reasons.[1]

Features Edit

  • New dragon attacks (limit breaks that can turn the tide of a dragon battle)
  • Dragon reinforcements: an injured dragon may call for 1-3 Dragons to assist it.
  • Airstrike: a new power that allows the Dragonborn to command any nearby friendly Dragons to talon grab an enemy.
  • New deaths: Dragons killed while hovering will fall straight to the ground upon death while moving dragons will ragdoll in a similar manner to the trailer. Also dragons on the ground will have three deaths: the Alduin death, normal dragon death and a ragdoll death.
  • Better dragon melee: Dragon tail strikes will ragdoll the Dragonborn while different areas of a dragon's body have certain effects. If the Dragonborn does enough damage to the wings then the dragon effected won't be able to fly.
  • Normally when a dragon takes off/lands there is little to no effect. This mod changes that as when these two actions occur the Dragonborn will be ragdolled.

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