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Casavir Romance - Casavir
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Casavir Romance is a project inspired by Mara's Skyrim Romance. In this mod - that is currently still being made - the Dragonborn can romance a holy Paladin by the name of Casavir and later live a life of luxury in a castle of your own.

The character, Casavir is based off of Neverwinter Nights 2's Casavir, though still follows a base from Skyrim Romance. The author of Casavir Romance has put her own spin on the character, changing his looks, voice, and altering his backstory to best fit what magical tale she had in mind.

This mod will be compatible with Skyrim Romance and will not feature any other characters from Skyrim Romance besides the starring Paladin. Even though the two mods are compatible, they will not connect in a way where Casavir from Skyrim Romance can be replaced by Casavir from Casavir Romance.

Official Description Edit

"For the first time, romance Casavir and have him by your side through every battle you face and every town you visit! Featuring an entirely new appearance and voice, CR’s Casavir establishes a fresh yet faithful take on a character inspired by the classic original from Neverwinter Nights 2."



  • Fully voiced

New Characters Edit

  • Casavir
  • Aribeth
  • Cullen
  • Lord Rohan
  • Lady Rebekah
  • Ophelia
  • Elisif (Re-voiced Jarl of Solitude)
  • Waitress Lena
  • Jorgen
  • Maria
  • Torvald
  • Gronk
  • Marcus
  • Jaleesa
  • Sir Darius
  • Sir Gregor
  • Sir Bryland
  • Sir Loxley
  • Lady Celia
  • Lady Miriam
  • Lady Eve

Requirements Edit


Compatible Edit

(To be filled)

Incompatibility Edit

(To be filled)

Writers Edit

  • TyroScribe
  • Sharis 
  • Kaida
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