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Eboni Fox Eboni Fox 13 August 2017

Skyrim Romance Website


Construction of the new Skyrim Romance Website ( is underway, I hope the new design will be pleasing to everyone. Redesign should be done on August 13. Visit the Skyrim Romance Facebook page for updates.

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Adison.024 Adison.024 10 July 2016

Finding info on NPCs

People often search for attributes of certain NPCs for different reasons. This guide aims to provide details on how to find background data of NPCs. The images take example of Rumarin from the mod Interesting NPCs.

Please read this article to understand more about the first two digits of Base IDs and Ref IDs.

  • 1 Finding info In-Game
    • 1.1 Base ID & Ref ID
    • 1.2 Other Atributes
  • 2 Using Creation Kit

It is easy to find Base ID, but for the Ref ID, the player must first find the NPC in-game. For all the other attributes, the mod NPC Info Spell by rbw23 can be helpfull, which again needs the NPC to be present nearby.

  • Standing in front of the NPC, open the console and click that NPC. A string of numbers and alphabets will appear in the middle of the screen. this …

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Coloradofree Coloradofree 1 July 2016

In Honor of the Skyrim Re-release

As I was talking to my son today, who by the way is one of the most knowledeable Elder Scrolls scholars I know ( I wish I was kidding), he convinced me to start a new play through of Oblivion.  Before the announcement of the new Skyrim release, I had already started a new play through of Elder Scrolls V and then was pleased to hear about the new version.

The fact is, playing a new game of Oblivion is quite intriquing to me as I own a pre Game for Live GOTY, so I will be playing the entire game with all DLC's. Not to mention that I have my game modded with OBSE (Oblivion Script Extender) by the same people who created SKSE. I also have the game modded with Morroblivion by TesRenewal the same folks that are bringing you SkyWind, Morroblivion…

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Adison.024 Adison.024 21 June 2016

Extracting Book Text from Creation Kit.

It came to my notice that some of us go to a great length of transcribing the entire text to make the articles. Seeing the size of Book of Bandits really scares me. Did Yeall and WeebKing really type the whole thing. o.O

Anyway, typing is not required as the text is already available in the game and all we need to do is extract it using Creation Kit. Here's how.

  1. Open CK, and load the mod which adds the book. (Assuming this is a basic step known to all.)
  2. In the Object window, go to Item->Book->Clutter->Books. On the right, all the books from the main game and the mod would be listed.
  3. Find the book in this list, and double click to open.
  4. The whole content, with its attributes show up. The text can be copied from here.

NOTE 1: To find the book in th…

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