Blind Robber's Cache
Chillbone Camp - Fjeimir's Note
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Blind Robber's Cache is a side quest in Wyrmstooth. Not to be confused with Robbed Blind.


Find Fjeimir's Note next to his body at Chillbone Camp. Travel to Dimfrost, find Rolgar's corpse and retrieve the key off his body. Return to the surface, head to Blind Robber's Bluff - a cave nearby Chillbone Camp, and use the key to unlock the gate to a dwemer store room filled with loot.

Known ProblemsEdit

  • The quest marker for Rolgar's corpse may point to the middle of the ocean north of Wyrmstooth if the player is not in Dimfrost. Fast Travelling or going into an interior may fix the objective marker.

Quest StagesEdit


Stage Journal Entry
10 (Placeholder)

I have retrieved the key from Rolgar's body. I should be able to use it to unlock the door to Blind Robber's Cache.

30 (Placeholder)

Quest ObjectivesEdit

Index Objective Text
10 Retrieve the key from Rolgar's corpse.
20 Unlock the door to Blind Robber's Cache.


  • Fjeimir's Note
  • Dimfrost. Location of Rolgar's body.
  • Blind Robber's Bluff. Location of treasure room.