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Animals in Factions
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Animals in Factions is a mod series that contains different mods, each of which adds an animal to a certain faction.


Some of the mods require one or more of the following DLC:

Animals added[]

Name Animal type Faction Mod
Mojo Husky Companions Mojo: Werewolves SideKick
Snoop Husky Blades Snoop and Ginger: Esbern's Best Friends
Ginger Dog Blades Snoop and Ginger: Esbern's Best Friends
Lis Junior Frostbite Spider Dark Brotherhood Lis Junior: Nazir Has A Follower
ShadowFang Death Hound Dark Brotherhood ShadowFang: Loyal To Death
Schemer Skeever Dark Brotherhood Schemer: He's Back!
Porkchop the Boar Boar Companions Porkchop the Boar: The One and Only!
Bacon Boar Thieves Guild Bacon: Where?
OldBlueFin Slaughterfish Thieves Guild Old Blue Fin: King of the Pond
Paarthurnax 2nd Dragon Greybeards/Blades Paarthurnax 2nd: Irony At Its Finest
Ol'Betsy Cow Companions Ol' Betsy: For The True Milk-Drinkers
Pako 3rd Armored Troll Dawnguard Pako 3rd: Isran's (Not So) Little Buddy
Jake Dog Penitus Oculatus Jake: Revenge Will (Not) Be His
Ratzilla Skeever Thieves Guild/Nightingales Ratzilla: Defender Of Darkness