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Ancient Towers
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Ancient Towers is a cheat mod, as well as a player home created for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It was designed by the same author as the Leveler's Tower mod.


The two towers do not belong to this realm, but due to the Oblivion Crisis, a rift has been created that allows the Ancient Towers to exist in Tamriel once more. The interior of the towers does not seem the exterior, which is also due to the fact that they exist in a different dimension.



Map Rooms[]

  • 3D map of Cyrodiil and 3D map of the Shivering Isles with marked locations
  • Clicking locations teleports to that specific place
  • Shrine teleportation also provides required items to start the shrine's quest

Secret Chamber[]

Recreation Room[]

  • Pond with fish and waterfall
  • Playable dice game
  • Chess set
  • Ayleid clock
  • Sauna that heals, restores abilities and cures after a while
  • Restroom
  • Working sink, shower and toilet

Throne Room[]

  • Storage and display cases

Prison Cell[]

  • Dark Elf and vampire prisoner
  • Three buttons to torture said prisoners
  • Secret door

Oblivion Gate Room[]

  • Re-openable Oblivion gate with claw-lever to manage
  • Creatures won't follow/spawn
  • Respawning containers

Training Facility[]

Enchantress Shop[]

  • Automatic Alchemy item sorter
  • Many unlabeled jars for mod ingredients or special ingredients related to quests
  • Golden Apparatus that will grant complete alchemy set based on the skill level

Mystic Smithy[]

  • Mystical Smithy shop in different dimension
  • Shop-owner Kiara has 50 000 gold in inventory (unless modded)
  • Smith switches outfits
  • Chance to see another customer in the shop


  • Gemstone shower, to help with sleeping and also for visualities
  • Wall clock with ticking pendulum


  • Interactable items to cook with ingredients
  • Recipe book to learn required ingredients for various items
  • Cooler powered by an Atronach
  • Sink with variable water level


  • Many books, but no skill books are present
  • Upper shelves: pictures of books, but no actual books are there (these meshes can be disabled through console)
  • Lower empty section of shelves to fill
  • Two aquariums and a fireplace




  • Mannimarco Resurrected
  • Myths and Legends