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An Unexpected Treasure
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An Unexpected Treasure is a side-quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition added by Carved Brink.


Index Objective Text
Inspect the hut.
Go to the second floor of the House of the Arcane Arts.
Talk to the clam.
Go to the basement of the House of the Arcane Arts.
Open the safe in the basement of the House of the Arcane Arts.
Open a portal to the world of goblins.
Explore Faceted Stones.
While exploring Faceted Stones a Stranger contacts you and the quest ends, starting a new quest called The Voice in the Head.

Quest Stages[]

Stage Journal Entry
A seashell began speaking to me. Either I'm going completely mad, or seashells have suddenly become capable of talking.
Incredible. Turns out there was a imp inside a seashell trapped in a cage - he offered to show an exact location of a treasure and joined me to show me the way, for that we have to find Geleada - he handed me a basement key.
Looks like the only way to reach Geleada is to open some portal. A journal recorded by Sinmiaran is hidden somewhere in this hut. It should aid me in my objective.
In the diary, Sinmiran mentions a magic pond in his dwelling. To open the portal; I need to go to the pond and recite the incantation: Rake-Cake-brittles-Tug. It sounds like a load of nonsense, but it's worth a try.
I have successfully entered the strange world. Now I need to take a look around, find goblins, and contact Geleada.
You enter the Faceted Stones and the imp tell you to use True Path spell to travel to Faceted Stones (you can find the spell tome in Sinmiaran's safe). Aim at the Snow Elf beacons to instantly move to them.

Video Guide[]


Journal Location -- Carved Brink ("Navigating the Stones", a Guide by Sinmiaran)-0

Where to find Sinmiaran's Journal


Geleada's Location -- Carved Brink ("Navigating the Stones", a Guide by Sinmiaran)

How to find Geleada