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This article is on on a land from The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal. For other uses, see Alik'r Desert.
Alik'r Desert (The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal)

Map of Alik'r Desert (Click to enlarge)

Alik'r Desert is a desert somewhere in Hammerfell and is the location where events of the mod The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal takes place.


Fountain of Restoration

Fountain of Restoration

It is a arid wasteland, surrounded by huge cliffs, roughly the size of a hold. It doesn't have any routes or sea shore and hence it is not possible to get in or out of this land by any conventional method. Only those who walk the Way of the Thief can get to this location. The land is inhabited by wild creatures such as Dunerippers and Desert Wolves.

Also, there are many Fountains of Restoration throughout the land that can restore user's Health, Magika and Stamina in an instant. After using them, they need some time to recharge.


First EraEdit

In 1E 808, When Ra Gada from Yokuda arrived in Volenfell, few of them who wanted an isolated land traveled to the eastern part of Hammerfell and established two cities, Forgotten City & Ben Erai. They sealed the whole region so as to make it inaccessible from outside. They called the land 'Alik'r Desert'.

The Redguards in the Forgotten City found a tomb near their city and unintentionally awakened the undead inside it - Sadraaka. She cursed the residents, and since then that city is called 'Forgotten City', a city that is meant to be forgotten.

Fourth EraEdit

Corvus Umbranox, his son Caio Umbranox and Chancellor Ocato took up the task to hide the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal on Champion's request. Ultimately they hid the Gray Cowl somewhere in Akavir, but to unlock the portal that teleports to Akavir requires exploring The Alik'r Desert. This location may have been selected due to it's inaccessibility.


Though the whole land of Alik'r Desert is due to the efforts of the Redguards, in the current time, their population is near to zero.

Almost all of the population of Alik'r Desert is concentrated in one city - Ben Erai. As no one can enter the Alik'r Desert, it is correct to presume that residents of Ben Erai are descendants of the people who were involved in the quest to hide the Gray Cowl. Majority of the residents are Imperials, but have adopted the lifestyle and culture of Redguards due to the surrounding environment.

The Alik'r Desert does not offer any good hunt and hence residents of Ben Erai teleport to Falkreath woods for their hunting needs.



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