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Aetherial Hyperspace Observatory (AHO)

Player Home in Project AHO and Standalone Mod (The two are incompatible with each other - check the latter's description page)


"A flying Dwemer ship, can you imagine? And it's perfectly preserved! The ship was an Aetherial Hyperdimensional Observatory, or AHO."


AHO is first discovered during the main quest, Freedom of Choice. It is then summoned to Deep Folk Crossing at the end of the questline. Upon completing Project AHO, the ship becomes the player's home, and can be transported to these locations:

Deep Folk Crossing, Alftand, Reachwind Eyrie, Tower of Mzark, Nchardak, Avanchnzel


  • The ability to move between 6 dwarven ruins (Deep Folk Crossing, Alftand, Nchardak, Avanchnzel, Tower of Mzark, Reachwind Eyrie). Use it whenever you want!
  • Fully customizable lighting and effects!
  • All crafting stations (Dwemer stylized), common containers and bookshelves!
  • Many-Faced's Tool: A special feature allowing you to customize your character’s appearance!
  • Drink Factory, thematic containers, Dwarven sauna and more!
AHO-DWEMER SHIP Unique Player Home!!- Xbox Modded Skyrim Mod Showcase-0

AHO-DWEMER SHIP Unique Player Home!!- Xbox Modded Skyrim Mod Showcase-0

Tour of the Player Home


  • AHO was intended to be pronounced "Ah-ho", not pronunciation of the English alphabet letters. But one of the 3 actors who had the word in their lines only submitted the one variation of the take, and so the latter was implemented for all three characters.
  • There were many different concepts that were designed for Project AHO that never made the final cut. Below is an example of the ship itself being pulled out of some assembly:
Skyrim Project AHO Alpha - 2016-0

Skyrim Project AHO Alpha - 2016-0

Early Concept Scene of AHO that never made the Final Cut

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