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A Priceless Commodity
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At the center of the island and next to the rocky swamp the player may discover a mine in an area named Gronndal Grove. There are miners outside. Speak to Bolmar, he claims that they cannot continue to work as there are Spriggans inside. The player must go into their sanctuary and find one big Spriggan that had killed some miners. However when entering the mine the Spriggan Matriarch will speak to you and ask for your help to restore balance.

Help the Miners:

After speaking to Bolmar head into the mine. You will meet the Spriggan Matriarch who will speak to you and ask for your help. Tell her you wont help and kill her. Unlike other Groves she is the only Spriggan and the only one you need to kill.

Head outside to inform Bolmar that the Spriggan is dead.

NOTE: if you tell the Spriggan you will help her and kill her anyway then the quest will become stuck. You will not be able to speak to Bolmar again to tell him the Spriggan is dead.

Help the Spriggan:

The Spriggan tells you to kill the remaining miners outside the grove. You only need to kill Bolmar, but all miners and the Imperial guard will become hostile. Once Bolmar is dead head back inside to tell the Spriggan balance is restored.

Regardless of which option you choose there is no reward other than that "you will always be welcome"

You can mine the ore and loot the corpses without ever completing the quest, so essentially you gain nothing.