A Howl Load of Trouble
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A Howl Load of Trouble is a quest added by Wyrmstooth.


Along the road south of Fort Moonwatch leading to Chillwater Mill, you'll come across Dunyick's Camp. Dunyick will tell you about how he had been injured in a bandit attack and asks the Dragonborn to find his red wolf Faelor that had subsequently been scared away.

The wolf can be found near a small nordic ruin between Fort Valus and Twinpeak Tower. Speak to Faelor and ask her to follow you then return to Dunyick's Camp.

Upon returning to the camp, you'll discover that Dunyick had died of his injuries. The final part of this quest involves exacting justice on the bandits that killed him. You can find them holed up at an unmarked camp beneath Fort Valus. Kill the bandit leader to complete the quest.

Faelor can be kept as an animal companion or dismissed once this quest is complete. If Faelor is dismissed, she will return to Dunyick's Camp where you can recruit her later. Faelor is comparable in strength to Banning's war dog Vigilance but is marked as essential.

Known ProblemsEdit

  • Occasionally you may be unable to choose certain dialogue options when speaking to Faelor. The dialogue is there but won't execute when the player clicks on it. Fast travel to another location or click on Faelor in the console and type disable followed by enable to reset the NPC.


Index Objective Text
10 Find Dunyick's wolf Faelor.
20 Return Faelor to Dunyick.
30 Eliminate the bandits that killed Dunyick.

Quest StagesEdit

Stage Journal Entry
10 Dunyick has asked me to find his wolf, Faelor. I should keep an eye out for a rust colored wolf somewhere in the mountains near the mining settlement.
20 I have found Dunyick's wolf, Faelor. I should reunite her with Dunyick as soon as possible.
30 Dunyick has died from his injuries. I should eliminate the bandits that killed him.
40 I have cleared out the bandits that waylayed Dunyick. I can either tell Faelor to go back to Dunyick's camp or take her with me on my adventures.