A Craftsman's Finest
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A Craftsman's Finest is a side-quest in Falskaar.


  1. Search Aspenfall Lodge for signs of Garant or the hammer.
  2. Search Shattered Axe Redoubt for the hammer.
  3. Defeat Garant and take the hammer
  4. Return the hammer to Rangarr.


Talk to Rangarr to receive this quest.

Head to the Southeast of Amber Hold to Aspenfall Lodge, which has been infested with bandits. In the derelict building, use the cellar door that says "Aspenfall Lodge". Upon entering there will be a short cave tunnel. Past the tunnel is a small underground area full of bandits. Inside the main room, a workbench with a Steel Ingot on it can be found. The objective is to pick up the note next to the door, entitled "We're Moving". Reading the note will complete the first objective.

Going left into the next room will lead to a small prison. On the opposite wall there is a cage with a master lock. Inside is a satchel and a Potion of Resist Shock. Taking the ladder at the far end of the room will lead to one of the abandoned homes in Aspenfall Lodge.

From there, head to Shattered Axe Redoubt, southwest of Aspenfall Lodge. Once inside, head up the trail to the wooden platform with the bandit archer on it. There is a chest with leveled loot there. Head left, going farther into the cave (midway there is a mage bandit) until getting to the cave with a drawbridge. Beside the waterfall is a leveled chest. Head back into the cave tunnel a few, then head right into the tunnel that branches off. Another small area will be there; at the far end on the balcony is the lever that activates the drawbridge.

Past the drawbridge is a large cave with an anvil and some corundum ore to the right. Head up the ledge into the cave tunnel; there are more bandits in this tunnel. When the tunnel widens, there is another cave branching off; at the end is a small area with a bed. After a little ways in the main tunnel, a small mining niche opens up on the right side with a knapsack and a skeleton in it.

Following the main tunnel further will lead to a large open cave with bedrolls, a large chest, various ore deposits, and Garant (who is considered the bandit leader). Garant is carrying Vanvir's Masterpiece; taking it will give the final objective.

Leave Shattered Axe Redoubt and talk to Rangarr. Upon receiving the hammer, he will become so grateful for retrieving it that he will let the Dragonborn/Traveler keep it.

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