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AMidianBorn Book of Silence
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aMidianBorn Book of Silence contains most of the aMidianBorn team's mods in one package, allowing them all to be downloaded quickly and easily. The Mod is separated into three modules: Armor; Weapons; Creatures. Each module is independent from the other. The Book of Silence is not just dedicated to weapons, armor and miscellaneous items, but almost everything in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, similar to the Static Mesh Improvement Mod modpack. Each section must be individually installed.


  • Many of the team's armor retextures
  • New weapon retextures that can't be downloaded outside this pack
  • New creature textures only found here
  • Some all new armors and weapons, a Wolf shield and more Skyforge Steel weapons.
  • The ability to have multiple variants of one armor. (For example you can have two Elven Armors, one is normal Elven Armor with new gold texture and the other is Thalmor Elven Armor, with new black texture.)